Monday, November 22, 2010

Harvest Time

Thank you to those of you who posted to our Warm & Cozy theme. I had a lot of fun reading the posts that you shared.

The new theme will be "Harvest Time." Here in the US, Thanksgiving is around the corner. Even though the true harvest has passed in parts of the country (it certainly has in New England), we're still celebrating living in a land of plenty.

So, crack open your cookbooks and find a recipe to use celebrate the harvest. Of course, what that means is up to you. Are you still working your way through a bushel of pick-your-own apples? Cracking into a hard-shelled squash? Or just opening a can of pumpkin and a bag of frozen corn, and enjoying the symbolic foods? Whatever your style, come share your harvest recipes with us. After all, sharing and eating is what this season is all about.

Use the Mr. Linky below to link to your post. Please post a permalink to the post, not to the front page of your blog. Share on or by December 5. Happy cooking, baking, and blogging!


  1. I love the "new" Joy of Cooking which I believe now-a-days is referred to as the "1997" Joy of Cooking (wow, I am getting older! I remember when the book was first released and all of the fanfare around it. And the controversy. Do you remember how a lot of people were upset about revising the recipes?) This is such a fun idea! I made this pecan pie from the new Joy before I knew about you guys, so I hope that it is still okay to link this classic recipe for harvest time. Can't wait till the next theme!

  2. I love your new group and the idea behind it, what fun for us cookbook collectors! Can't wait to join you guys, hopefully once the busy holiday season slows down. Excited to see your next theme :)