Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Adventures

Happy New Year, everyone!

I've always been one of those foodie people who hates January. Why, you ask? Because all the fun comes out of the food world. We go from the lavish, fun holiday seasons to articles about salads and steamed, unsalted food. The January issues of food magazines never fail to disappoint me, the displays in the supermarkets star low-cal options, and the blogging world seems to slow down while people try to get thin for the New Year.

I'm tired of New Year's resolutions being about taking away. "I want to STOP doing this," or "I want to LOSE weight," etc. It's time to put a positive spin on the New Year, and ADD something.

So, the new theme for the next two weeks is about adding new things to our kitchens. You can take this theme as far as you want. Do you just want to try a new recipe? Crack open a new cookbook that you haven't used yet? Or maybe take it a step farther, and learn a new technique, or use a new ingredient that you haven't cooked with before. Whatever it is, have fun, and add a little something to your life for the New Year.

Remember to post about recipes that come from printed cookbooks only, and to a post a permalink (a link to the post--not to the front page of your blog) below. Have fun, and Happy New Year!